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While talking about your hobby, make sure that you keep it short and concise. For instance, your hobby is reading, after mentioning the same, add any recent book you have read or how you got interested in reading by putting a backstory to it. This will spark the interviewer's interest in your profile.
Writing and reading boost my imagination. Along with these activities, I participate in gardening in my leisure time because I love to plant new and colourful flowers. Moreover, I like dancing and singing. These are the activities I often do whenever I find time after completing my studies and homework.
How to find a hobby as an adult
  1. Think about what you enjoyed doing when you were little. As a child, there's a good chance that curiosity and imagination dictated your interests. ...
  2. Consider your interests. The exciting thing about interests is that you don't need to be an expert. ...
  3. Take an intro class. ...
  4. Take a quiz.
You want to show that you have interests, but that you also have the time to do the job well. Explain why you love it. Along with saying how you fit your hobby into your life, add a brief explanation of why you love the hobby. Perhaps you like gardening because you find being outside calming.
I hate watching TV. Because I find it boring. I've been trying to learn to paint.

Talk about HOBBIES Fluently in English

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