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Aesops Fables The Hare and the Tortoise Picture Book for 2 Years Olds to 6  Year Olds: Amazon.co.uk: Miles Kelly Publishing Ltd, Monika Filipina;Monika  Filipina, Monika Filipina;Monika Filipina: 9781786170033: Books

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The hare is very confident of winning, so it stops during the race and falls asleep. The tortoise continues to move very slowly but without stopping and finally it wins the race. The moral lesson of the story is that you can be more successful by doing things slowly and steadily than by acting quickly and carelessly.
Lesson Summary. The Hare slept too long, and in the interim, the Tortoise won the race. This fable reminds us all that acting quickly, rashly, and carelessly can cause you to fail, whereas thinking things through first can lead to success.
The tortoise was mocked for being slow-moving, and the hare challenges it to a race. The hare leaves the tortoise behind and being very confident of its triumph, falls asleep midway. Once he wakes up, he finds that his competitor, crawling slowly but steadily, has arrived before him.
These associations contrast with those in Aesop's tale, where the Tortoise represents patient hard work while the Hare represents arrogance and carelessness. The two stories demonstrate the importance of cultural influences and differences in folkloric tales.
It thus became a symbol of vitality, sexual desire and fertility. The hare served as an attribute of Aphrodite and as a gift between lovers. In late antiquity it was used as a symbol of good luck and in connection with ancient burial traditions.

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